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"Diamond Heist"

Multiroom Experience

2-6 Players    (4 Adults 2 kids recommended for space) $80 for 2 Players, $100 for 3 Players, 4 Players or more $30 per player.

Level: Medium

It's 2003 in London England

  You are part of an elite team of secret service agents getting ready to raid The Mobsters hideout here in London . The Mobsters have stolen the world's largest diamond " The Cullinan Diamond".

Your mission (if you dare to take it) is to find their hideout and break into their secret vault and recover the diamond while they are attending a red-carpet event tonight. Time is crucial and you only have 60 minutes before they return. This is your team's only chance to complete the mission before the Diamond is sold to the highest bidder tomorrow night on the black market. 

When you book with The Xcapery you will get a private experience just for your private group. Never play with strangers like other facilities. 

What is included?

1.5 hour private experience for your reserved group.

The festivities begin with a complimentary beverage per player and a 30 minute round of mini golf for your group. After your group has completed the mini golf course and had time to take photos and enjoy your time together, you will be briefed on your escape experience. Your group will have 60 minutes in the escape room theme that you reserved. If you have more than 6 Players you can reserve 2 escape rooms for your party or if you have more than 14 players you can reserve all 3 rooms!

When you reserve more than one escape room for your larger group you can let us know which escape room themes you prefer your group to play. You can chose which player goes in which room or we can randomly select evenly which rooms each player will enter.

No other groups will be playing in the facility but your private group.

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