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"Escape Chernobyl"

Private Multiple Room Experience           $80 for 2 Players,  $100 for 3 Players, 4 Players or more $30 per player

Its April 26th 1986

You thought it was a normal day working at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine.

But think again....

As you finished your shift at the plant, a message was sent to you regarding an accident that occurred during a regular scheduled maintenance test during the next shift.

The Plant went into lockdown. You and your engineer colleagues have been asked to help break into the facility and find the emergency shut down codes in the control room at the desk station of the Plant Manager (Mr. Bryukhanov) to shut down reactor #4.

Find the codes to shut down the reactor, and you with your crew must find gas masks in order to escape safely before the whole town's radiation level hits a deadly high.

When you book with The Xcapery - Escape Rooms Inc you book a V.I.P Private Experience where you get the whole escape location to yourselves for a 1.5 hour mini party just for your group. You won't be stuck in just one room for the duration of your experience like other escape rooms.

Included in the package :

30 minutes for a round of Mini Golf and Lounge time with a welcome drink per player * to let the festivities begin. This gives your private group time before your game to hangout with your friends and a photo opportunity in our glow lounge.

A 60 minute game experience up to 10 players in this room

Time for debriefing afterwards for additional photos and chatter.

*Beer, Wine or Seltzer served only to guests ages 21 and over (Id's Required)

Non-Alcoholic options available as well.

If you have over 10  players in your group. you can book multiple escape rooms for your party. If you have over 14 players you can rent out all of our rooms for your large group to all play at the same time divided in different rooms. You can choose who is in what room or we can do a random selection for you. In each theme you will advance to different areas for more fun.

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