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 "The Harvest"  

2-6 Players

Level: Hard (Expert)

It's 2025 New York City, NY

You and your friends were hanging out having dinner at your favorite downtown restaurant when you started to feel funny and faintish and then you blacked out.

The next thing you know you wake up to the sound of some strangers voice and realize your were abducted. Unbeknownst to you, the captors have taken you to an undercover lab facility ran by the mafia.

The mafia henchmen will be back have 60 minutes before they return and wheel you to the operating room.

When you book with The Xcapery - Escape Rooms Inc you book a V.I.P Private Experience where you get the whole escape location to yourselves for a 1.5 hour mini party just for your group.

Included in the package :

30 minutes for 1 Round of Mini Golf and Lounge time with 1 welcome drink * per player to let the festivities begin. This gives your private group time before your game to hangout with your friends and a  photo opportunity in our glow lounge. After your mini golf round we will brief you on your escape room experience of the theme you reserved.

A 60 minute escape game experience up to 6 players in this theme. You will not be stuck in one room the entire game like other escape rooms. No other groups will be playing while you are there only your group.

*Beer or Wine served only to guests ages 21 and over

Non-alcoholic options are available.

(If you have more than the maximum players for this room you can book 2 escape rooms for your larger party. When more than 1 room is reserved you can let us know the 2 themes you would like to reserve. If you have more than 14 players you an reserve all 3 escape rooms.)

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