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Now Open!
The Philtower Mystery:
The Beginning of the Underground City

Private Multiple Room Adventure Experience                               

                                                                                                                        $150 For 2 Players

                                                                                                                       $200.00 For 3 Players

                                                                                                     $50 Per player for a group of 4-8 Players

                                                                      (This is for a 2-hour reservation needed for the entire experience)

Its 1929 in the Boom of Tulsa's Finest Oil strikes.

These oil businessmen are hitting their all-time records of finding oil and hitting it rich. Waite Phillips, one of Tulsa's biggest tycoons has just built Tulsa's first largest skyscraper "The Philtower''. She is the "Queen of the Skyline" as people call her. This building is so beautiful that Tulsa is starting to catch the eye of the riff raff in Chicago. As these robbers and thieves start to hear word of Tulsa's Oil, these bad boys start heading our way. 

Waite Phillips has another plan up his sleeve though ( before they even try to think about taking his money) To protect him and his colleagues as well as the empire that they have built here in Tulsa, they begin to construct the first Underground Tunnel system to protect their assets to make it to the bank safely without anything getting into the robbers' hands (and for a little whiskey once in a while as well since we are in this prohibition time.... don't want to get that stash caught either)

The Chicago boys have arrived, and Waite Phillips is now missing! Help to find the hidden clues left along the way and unlock the first part of the mystery of where he could be found.

Join us on this new adventure from The Xcapery. Learn real local history while playing, see the original sites of 1929 and surroundings of where Waite Phillips walked himself and the Underground mystery of Tulsa!

This Escape Room adventure is for players 18 years and up only due to the historical value of the settings. The game is 75mins and will begin with a Welcome drink for each player, your setup and instructions, and then the adventure begins!

We encourage and recommend 20's flapper, 20's gangster or " Gatsby" outfits or attire if your group would like to dress for the occasion as a fun night out to take in the full experience.  If not, props are available to add to your attire for photos if your group desires before the game.  Heels are not recommended. Please only bring with you items you intend to play with during this adventure. No lockers to hold items during this experience.

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