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 "The Colony : Below Zero"  

A Corporate Team Building Experience / Large Group Challenge 

13 Room Experience       16 players minimum to book $30 per player

It's 1993 ,You and a group of carefully chosen fellow employees arrive in Antarctica to be apart of a three month government project. Once you arrive for your briefing a disaster arises! The generator has had an issue and lost power! Your colony must now fight for survival and figure out how to restart the generator before everyone freezes! 

This is a special Corporate Team Building designed EscapeRoom Experience for large groups only ( must have a minimum of 16 players for this multiroom experience) This is not common to see an experience like this in the U.S.   Most of these multiroom large group challenges can only be played over seas. During the experience your group will be divided off to be later back working all together and accomplishing the final mission of getting that generator back up and running. This design is perfect for team Building in the workplace and requires good practice on communication skills and team work. Every player plays a special role in making the mission be completed. 

This game takes place on our 2nd level of the building not in the lower level with the other 3 themes. The vibe in our upper lounge is a "Speak Easy look" with pregame options of pool (billiards), skee-ball, foozeball, darts, dominos, uno or shuffleboard while you enjoy your welcome drink.
Add a few hours after the room for your corporate meeting or fun time for your group where you can show a presentation on our screen with your laptop for a slideshow, karaoke or poker and play music with your group for some downtime.
This is a one stop preplanned day or night event location for your group or team. Tables and chairs for areas to cater in food as well is an option.
E-mail or call if you have any questions on this experience.

Custom times can be organized for your special group or occasion if you don't see your desired day and time just ask and we can see what arrangements can be made to make a good day and time for your group.

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